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Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer

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Amazon Dev Center India - Hyderabad
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Job Description

Amazon's Finance Technology team is looking for a bright and motivated Quality Assurance Engineer II with experience in automated and manual testing preferably in Finance domain.

You are a significant and autonomous contributor. Your work is consistently high quality. You solve complex problems, applying appropriate technologies and best practices. Your focus is on designing, developing and effectively applying automated solutions that test major portions of software (e.g., significant component, set of features, mid-size application, service, etc.). You prevent and find defects early. You apply software testing techniques, such as equivalence class partitioning, boundary value testing, etc. You build complete test and/or measurement solutions (e.g., performance, load, scalability, usability, etc.) You use data from testing, deployment, and production to measure quality and provide actionable improvement to the product. You write code that an SDE/SDE-T unfamiliar with the system can understand. You are proficient in a broad range of design approaches and know when it is appropriate to make trade-offs. Your solutions are pragmatic. You do things with the proper level of complexity the first time (or at least minimize incidental complexity). You consider the legacy of the code you produce, limiting the use of short-term workarounds. You create flexible software without over-engineering. You re-use where possible, while being judicious about introducing dependencies. You are efficient with resource usage (e.g., designing to avoid impacting the system under test.)

Basic Qualifications

You use your knowledge of the system to predict integration problems with new features. You are able to identify salient test cases and traceability to use cases. You assess the testability of components/features built by development teams (i.e., instrumentation, modularity, APIs allow for verification). You review development changes to prevent failure cases. You ensure your code is tested at the appropriate level (unit test, integral/functional, UI, etc.), reducing unnecessary test cases at higher levels that lead to intermittent issues and increased execution time. You drive testing at the appropriate level for the product you are responsible for. You define, implement, and analyze metrics to determine test effectiveness and the overall quality of software. You help your team evolve by actively participating in the code review process, design discussions, planning, and post-mortem reviews. You constructively identify problems and propose solutions. You take on projects and make software enhancements that improve team software testability and processes. You work to resolve the root cause of complex problems, leaving software better and easier to maintain than when you found it. You are able to train new teammates on how your team’s software is constructed, tested, operates, and how it fits into the bigger picture. You foster a constructive dialogue and seek resolutions in a professional way. You help recruit and interview and develop others by making yourself available to mentor.

Preferred Qualifications

· Experience working in Finance domain
· Experience with Scrum methodology
· Basic knowledge of two automated script languages
· Experience testing BPM applications built on Pega.
· Knowledge of Automated Testing on Pega based applications.